T. STOCKMEIER, R. BAYERER, D. SINERIUS, E. HERR, U. THIEMANN, "Reliable 1200 A, 2500 V IGBT Modules For Traction Applications," IEE Colloquium on IGBT Propulsion Drives, London, 1995.
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Titre : T. STOCKMEIER, R. BAYERER, D. SINERIUS, E. HERR, U. THIEMANN, Reliable 1200 A, 2500 V IGBT Modules For Traction Applications, IEE Colloquium on IGBT Propulsion Drives, London, 1995.

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Auteur : T. Stockmeier (ABB Semiconductors Inc, El Segundo, CA, USA)
Auteur : R. Bayerer
Auteur : D. Sinerius
Auteur : E. Herr
Auteur : U. Thiemann

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Source : IEE Colloquium on IGBT Propulsion Drives, London.
Power : 1200 A, 2500 V
Switches : IGBT
Meeting : IEE Power Division Colloquium on IGBT Propulsion Drives.
Info : organization : IEE
Location : London, UK
Date : 25 Apr 1995
Source : IEE Colloquium (Digest) n 081 1995.IEE, Stevenage, Engl.p 3/1-3/13
ISSN : 0963-3308
Meeting_Number : 43366
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application; General Review
Language : English
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Abstract :
In this paper we describe a new approach to high power IGBT modules
which can fulfill the reliability demands for traction applications.The
FLIP module (FLIP stands for Fast Low Inductance Package) rated at 1200
Amp, 2500 V is constructed from small area subassemblies each housing
IGBTs and fast recovery diodes.The IGBT and diode chips exhibit a
solderable front and backside metallization which allows a very rugged and
reliable connection inside the module.The substrates (pre-tested for
static and dynamic properties) are soldered on a common heat sink and
connected together with a very low inductance terminal configuration which
provides a very efficient connection to the power electronic system.The
novel module allows further functional integration such as an add-on gate
unit and a direct liquid cooled heat sink.The gate unit can be mounted on
top of the module placed in an area of low EM noise.The direct liquid
cooled heat sink will reduce the thermal resistance of junction to ambient
drastically. (Author abstract)

Accession_Number : 1995(39):2369 COMPENDEX



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