B. DOBRUCKY, M. POKORNY, V. RACEK, R. HAVRILA, "A New Method of the Instantaneous Reactive Power Determination for Single-Phase Power Electronic Systems", EPE'99.
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Article : [ART176]

Titre : B. DOBRUCKY, M. POKORNY, V. RACEK, R. HAVRILA, A New Method of the Instantaneous Reactive Power Determination for Single-Phase Power Electronic Systems, EPE'99.

Cité dans :[99DIV076] EPE'99, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Lausanne, Suisse, 7-9 septembre 1999.
Cité dans : [DIV326]  Recherche sur les mots clés PUISSANCE REACTIVE, mars 2002.
Auteur : Dobrucky Branislav
Auteur : Pokorny Michal
Auteur : Racek Vladimir
Auteur : Havrila Rastislav

Lien : private/99PP108.pdf - 212 Kb, 9 pages.
Source : EPE'99 Laussanne
Date : 7-9 septembre 1999
Pages : 1 - 9
Adresse : University of Zilina - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Velky Diel - 010 26 ZILINA, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Tel : +421 89 545 91
Fax : +421 89 522 41
Lien : mailto:dobrucky@fel.utc.sk

Keywords : Single-phase systems, active filters, harmonics, power factor correction, converter control, analysis, design, simulation

Abstract :
The paper deals with the new method of analysis of single-phase power electronic systems. Us-ing
a new particular transform theory the ordinary single-phase system can be transformed into
equivalent two-axes orthogonal one. The new original thought is based on the idea that ordinary
single-phase quantity can be complemented by fictitious second phase so that both of them will
create orthogonal and ortho-normal system, as is usual in three-phase systems. Application of
above theory makes it possible to use complex methods of analysis as instantaneous reactive
power method, which have not been usable for single-phase systems so far. Both, the active and
reactive powers can be determined by this way. Practical application of the method is outlined
for the case of reference current determination for single-phase power active filter. Three differ-ent
ways of reference current determination are introduced with very similar results. The paper
also shows some examples of the simulation verification results, which proved a high accuracy
and extremely fast response of the single-phase active filter with control, based on the intro-duced



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