Unitrode Product, "Power Supply Design Seminar", 1999.
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Titre : Unitrode Product, Power Supply Design Seminar, 1999.

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Vers : Bill Andreycak
Vers : Philip Cooke
Vers : Laszlo Balogh
Vers : Mark Dennis
Vers : Lloyd Dixon
Vers : Bob Mammano
Vers : Michael Madigan
Vers : Eddy Wells
Vers : 50W Forward Converter with Synchronous Rectification and Secondary Side Control
Vers : Unique Cascaded Power Converter Topology For High Current Low Output Voltage Applications
Vers : Introduction to Hot Swap Power Management
Vers : Power Supply Components
Vers : 400W Single-Stage Current-Fed Isolated Boost Converter with PFC
Vers : Inductor and Flyback Transformer Design

To register for a seminar or request additional information please contact the
TI Product Information Center: Americas: Call 1-800-477-8924, keyword "UNITRODE"
Europe and Middle East.

Bill Andreycak


Bill has authored over 60 application notes, conference papers
and seminar topics covering numerous applications of pulse width
modulator and support integrated circuits in the field of power
management. He has been active in switchmode power supply design
for 20 years, the last 15 with Unitrode. Bill is responsible for
the identification, development and sup-port of many new PWM
ICs, and has been a co-presenter of the Unitrode Seminars since
1985. Previous expe-rience includes a commercial OEM
manufacturer where he designed high current, high power
switching supplies, electronic loads and multi-ple output power
supplies. Bill holds a BSEE from New Jersey Institute of

Philip Cooke


Phil received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, MA
in 1987 and a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering
from National Technological University, Fort Collins, CO in
1991, majoring in Power Electronics. During 1987-1995, he worked
for the General Electric Company in Erie, Pennsylvania in the
Transportation Industry, and graduated from the Edison
Engineering Program at GE in 1991. Since 1995, he has been with
Unitrode Corporation in Merrimack, New Hampshire involved with
the development of Power Management Integrated Circuits.

Laszlo Balogh


Laszlo, employed by Unitrode as a Principal Application Engineer
since 1994, is responsible for the development and application
support of off-line PWM ICs. Prior to working for Unitrode, he
worked for ASCOM Energy Systems in Switzerland, where he
developed telecommunication power supplies, and Design
Automation, Inc., in the US, where he developed switchmode power
conversion equipment. He holds an MSEE from the Technical
University of Budapest.

Mark Dennis


Mark is a Sr. Applications Engineer for Unitrode Corporation,
working for the Power Supply Control Products business line
since 1997. Previously, He worked in the field of power
electronics for fourteen years, designing custom and proprietary
power conversion equipment for the fields of telecommunications,
data processing, and uninterruptible power supplies. Mark
entered the field of power electronics following his graduation
from Duke University in 1983.

Lloyd Dixon


Lloyd has the distinction of being Unitrode’s longest-term
employee. His employment precedes the founding of Unitrode by
two years (he was a co-founder of a predecessor company in
1958). Almost his entire professional career has been in the
semiconductor industry in an applications engineering role. Most
recently, Lloyd has made significant contributions in power
factor correction and control loop design. His unorthodox
approach to teaching magnetics design for switching power
supplies is always well received.

Bob Mammano


Bob, currently serving as
Unitrode’s Vice President for Advanced Technology, brings 40
years of experience in analog power controls to this seminar
program. Widely recognized as "father of the IC PWM controller
industry" with his design of the SG1524, he has continued to
expand the state of the art while both designing and guiding
product development for two semiconductor companies. Holder of
over 20 patents in this field, and a participant in Unitrode’s
Power Supply Design Seminars since 1981, Bob uniquely combines
technical expertise with the training skills to impart this
knowledge to others.

Michael Madigan


Mike is a Principal Applications Engineer. His professional
experi-ence includes over 17 years in power electronics and
motion control for industrial, aerospace and consumer products.
He received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the
University of Colorado at Denver in 1977 and the M.S. and Ph.D.
degrees in electrical engineering from the University of
Colorado at Boulder in 1988 and 1992, respectively. His research
interests include power processing topologies, modeling and

Eddy Wells


Eddy is a Senior Applications Engineer in Unitrode’s Portable
Power Products Business Line. Prior to joining Unitrode in 1996,
Eddy worked for IBM, Schlumberger and Lutron. He has extensive
design experience in A/D based measurement systems, switchmode
power converters, and high-frequency fluorescent lamp ballasts.
He holds a BSEE from BYU and an MSEE from Syracuse University.

50W Forward Converter with Synchronous Rectification and Secondary Side Control


This topic reviews a new technique for secondary side control of a
DC-DC converter without using an external bias supply. A unique
primary side startup circuit is used to drive the primary side power
transistor. Gate pulse information for the primary transistor is
transmitted through a pulse edge transformer that is shown to be
smaller than an optoisolator. The discussion includes
transformer-reset technique, pulse edge transmission circuit design
and forward converter design procedure. The converter startup
transient and control hand-off are explained in detail. Experimental
results include operating waveforms, startup waveforms, and

Unique Cascaded Power Converter Topology For High Current Low Output Voltage Applications


High current, low output voltage applications
emerge daily with the introduction of new generation microprocessors
and data communication systems. Most recent applications also
require multiple, isolated, independently controllable outputs with
tight voltage regulation. The focus of this design review is a new
cascaded power converter topology especially suitable for modular,
low cost, high frequency converters addressing this most recent
power conversion need. The presentation includes the operating
principles, design trade-offs and critical steps of design
procedure. Measurement results from a 48V to 1.5V, 20A output power
supply to complement the paper.

Introduction to Hot Swap Power Management


This topic introduces the concept of Hot Swap power busses
and why hotswapping is becom-ing a mainstream requirement,
particularly in the telecommunications industry. Several methods of
implementing hot swap will be provided along with the pros and cons
of each method. Finally a hot swap design utilizing an intelligent
Hot Swap Power Manager™ IC from Unitrode will be presented for a
typical -48V telecom application.

Power Supply Components


A survey of Unitrode products suitable for
switching power supply applications is presented, with emphasis on
recently introduced products.

400W Single-Stage Current-Fed Isolated Boost Converter with PFC


This paper will detail the operation and design of current-fed
isolated boost converters for PFC applications. Theory of operation
will be explained and comparative analysis of the current-fed
push-pull and full bridge converters will be provided. In addition,
a detailed design procedure will be developed and an example design
worked through. The targeted application is a 400W, universal AC
input to 42V DC output voltage power factor corrected power supply.

Inductor and Flyback Transformer Design


This topic builds upon and
completes the Magnetics Design topic presented at Unitrode Seminar,
SEM1200, 1997-98. A design approach is presented which optimizes
utilization of the magnetic core, thereby minimizing size and cost.
Core and winding losses can range from insignificant to catastrophic
depending upon the nature of the application and the operating
current mode. The design approach is illustrated with cookbook
examples of a buck filter inductor, a flyback transformer for
continuous current mode operation, and a discontinuous mode flyback
transformer. An updated Magnetics Design Handbook including
reference articles will be provided to each seminar attendee.

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