R. PEZZANI, E. BERNIER, A. BREMOND, "A programmable lightning protector for subscriber line interface circuit SLIC", 1991, EPEP MADEP.
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Titre : R. PEZZANI, E. BERNIER, A. BREMOND, A programmable lightning protector for subscriber line interface circuit SLIC, 1991, EPEP MADEP.

Cité dans :[99DIV109] Recherche sur l'auteur Robert PEZZANI, octobre 2000.
Cité dans : [DIV132]  EPE'91 & EPE-MADEP'91, European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS, Firenze, Italy, september 1991.
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Auteur : Pezzani, R.
Auteur : Bernier, E.
Auteur : Bremond, A. (SGS Thomson Microelectronics, Tours, France)

Lien : 99ART124.HTM#Bibliographie - référence [8].
Lien : 99ART140.HTM#Bibliographie - référence [3].
Source : EPE-MADEP '91. MADEP Symposium on Materials and Devices for Power Electronics.
Source : EPE 4th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications. MADEP and Joint EPE-MADEP Sessions
Editors : Ferraris, P.Torino, Italy: Litografia GEDA, 1991.
Pages : 193 - 196 of 437 pp.
Conference : Florence, Italy,
Date : 2-6 Sept 1991
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application; New Development; Practical; Product Review; Experimental
Info : Country of Publication : Italy
Language : English
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Abstract :
Presents a programmable crowbar device dedicated to protect, in the telecom area, SLIC from
lightning risk, power line crosses and other parasitic voltages on the subscriber line. This
device is realized with bipolar technology in monolithic configuration and gives key
advantages for a maximum surge current capability, a very sensitive gate triggering and an
high holding current. The approach of this surge suppressor can be extended to a double-gates
structure allowing a protection between a negative and positive adjustable voltage.

Accession_Number : 1992:4214603

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