P. RAULT, "Trisil-a new generation of protective elements"
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Titre : P. RAULT, Trisil-a new generation of protective elements

Cité dans :[99DIV105] Recherche sur l'auteur Pierre RAULT, septembre 2000.
Cité dans : [DIV066]  Recherche sur le mot clé : TRIAC*
Auteur : Pierre Rault

Source : Elektronik vol.35, no.9.
Pages : 48 à 51
Date : 2 May 1986
ISSN : 0013-5658
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Practical
Country_of_Publication : Germany, Federal Republic of
Language : German

Abstract :
Discusses the problems presented by the ever-increasing requirements
of electronic circuits for more effective protective measures,
particularly in view of the fact that electromagnetic interference
from the environment can damage components of falsify data. For
voltage limitation and energy absorption components have been
developed under the general heading of 'crowbar' circuits i.e.
protection circuits which by rapidly placing a low resistance across
the output terminals of a power supply initiate action to reduce the
output voltage to a low value. Special designs of such circuits,
optimized for telephone system, are known as Trisils, and the
electrical characteristics of these closely resemble those of the
Triac. A graph illustrates this: but it will be noted that the
Trisil has only two connections because control is not external via
an ignition electrode but follows upon an internal mechanism
connected with the current flowing through the device. The Trisil
exhibits a high impedance as long as the voltage in the circuit to
which it is connected is lower or equal to the voltage in the 'off'
state: when this is exceeded the device switches to the conducting
state and shunts the overload away from the component to be
protected. Currents up to 150 A for 20 mu s can be handled with a
forward voltage of only a few volts. Functions and potential
applications are described in detail.

Accession_Number : 1986:2722823
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