M. MADIGAN, R. ERICKSON, E. ISMAIL, "Integrated High Quality Rectifier-Regulators", IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992 Record, pp. 1043-1051, June 1992.
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Article : [99ART088]

Titre : M. MADIGAN, R. ERICKSON, E. ISMAIL, Integrated High Quality Rectifier-Regulators, IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992 Record, pp. 1043-1051, June 1992.

Cité dans : [CONF012] PESC, Power Electronics Specialists Conference, PELS Society, juin 2007.
Cité dans : [DIV144]  Publications of the Colorado Power Electronics Center and Power Electronics WEB, juin 2002.
Auteur : Madigan, M.
Auteur : Erickson, R.
Auteur : Ismail, E. - Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Colorado Univ., Boulder, CO, USA

Appears : in Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992. PESC '92 Record., 23rd Annual IEEE
Pages : 1043 - 1051 vol.2
Date : 29 June-3 July 1992
ISBN : 0-7803-0695-3, Total Pages: 2 vol. xxxv+1450, Accession Number: 4513147
Lien : private/ISMAIL2.pdf - 832 KB.

Abstract :
A family of AC-to-DC converters which integrate the functions of
low harmonic rectification, low frequency energy storage, and
wide bandwidth output voltage control into a single converter
containing one, two, or four active switches is presented. These
converters utilize a discontinuous conduction mode input
inductor, an internal energy storage capacitor, and transformer
secondary circuits which resemble the bridge, forward, flyback,
or Cuk DC-DC converters. A large-signal equivalent circuit model
for this family which uses the loss-free resistor concept is
presented. Design strategies and experimental results are given.
High performance regulation with satisfactory line current
harmonics is demonstrated with conventional duty ratio control.
Further improvements in line current are possible by simultaneous
duty ratio and switching frequency control.<>

Subject_ Terms :
AC-to-DC converters; low harmonic rectification; low frequency
energy storage; wide bandwidth output voltage control; active
switches; discontinuous conduction mode input inductor; internal
energy storage capacitor; transformer secondary circuits;
large-signal equivalent circuit model; loss-free resistor
concept; capacitor storage; equivalent circuits; power
convertors; rectifying circuits; transformers; voltage control

References_Cited : 13

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