R. SHIPPLEY, "Solid state switch trends.", New Electronics, Vol.20, N° 9, pp 18-19, 28 April 1987.
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Titre : R. SHIPPLEY, Solid state switch trends., New Electronics, Vol.20, N° 9, pp 18-19, 28 April 1987.

Auteur : Shipley, Ray - FR Electronics

Cité dans : [DIV137]  Recherche sur les mots clés : FIABILIT* ou RELIABILITY, octobre 1999.
Source : New Electronics (28 April 1987) vol.20, no.9, p.18-19. 0 refs.
CODEN : NWELAC ISSN: 0047-9624
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Abstract :
Solid-state relays have various advantages compared to electromechanical relay parameters. One major benefit, zero
turn-on voltage, not only results in low RFI generation but also complements the inherent zero turn-off (current)
features of SCR/triac power semiconductor devices. Other advantages very much depend upon the quality of the relay
utilised and its correct application. Without the combination of these two factors reliability can not be guaranteed.
The electromagnetic relay is generally considered to have a life (mechanical) expectancy of ten million operations
(dry) and an electrical life of one million operations at rated load. Solid state relays, on the other hand, have no
such restrictions in terms of number of operations performed but generally quote life in hours of operation which for
high quality products can be between 200000 and 400000 hours of useful life (40 years). When situated in harsh
electrical environments, metal oxide varistors (MOVs), afford very reasonable protection against voltage transients.
RC snubber networks also play a significant role in optimising performance of SSRs for specific load conditions.

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