CHERON Y., FOCH H. , MOPTY Y., "Convertisseur moyenne frequence a thyristors asymetriques et transistors de puissance", Electronique Industrielle, Paris, no. 49, 15 mars 1983, pp. 67-72.
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Titre : CHERON Y., FOCH H. , MOPTY Y., Convertisseur moyenne frequence a thyristors asymetriques et transistors de puissance, Electronique Industrielle, Paris, no. 49, 15 mars 1983, pp. 67-72.

Cité dans :[99DIV011] Recherche sur l'auteur Yves MOPTY
Cité dans :[LIVRE037] J.-L. DALMASSO, L'électronique de puissance - commutation, édition DIA Technique Supérieur, 1987.
Title : "Medium Frequency Converter Using Asymmetric Thyristors and Power Transistors.
Auteurs : Cheron, Yves (Inst Natl Polytechnique de Toulouse, LEEI, Toulouse, Fr); Foch, Henri; Mopty, Yves

Source : Electron Ind (Paris) n 49 Mar 15 1983 p 67-72, CODEN: EIDUDA ISSN: 0244-903X, Language : French,
Abstract : COMPENDEX Numéro de réponse 2 - le 18 mai 1999
The application and viability of static converters in actual environments are considered.In order to optimize their
operation the following properties are recommended: the highest possible efficiency, reduced weight and volume, especially
for shipping purposes, controlled power transfer upon operation of disconnect switches, adequate but inexpensive insulation,
and a quick response. The utilization of asymmetric thyristors and power transistors for power conversion is chosen as a
best compromise.
Accession_Number : 83(7):98832

Abstract : INSPEC Numéro de réponse 2 - le 18 mai 1999
An acceptable static converter needs to have certain properties such as high efficiency, small volume and weight, rapid
response, adjustable power control. Designs operating at a high frequency can normally provide these characteristics;
however, with such units power regulation can normally only be provided with a loss in efficiency, and also possibly with
a weight increase. The disadvantages of some methods for power control, e.g. pulse amplitude modulation, are discussed.
A possible way of introducing an efficient power control scheme is joint use of dephasing modulation and a variable
frequency oscillator. Until recently such a system has had to operate at a low frequency because of limitations imposed by
thyristors used. With components now available operating up to 40 KHz, and with power transistors, output powers of some
kilowatts can be obtained. The principle of a hybrid converter and its control requirements working in this way are
Accession_Number : 83:2096695

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