S. HAMADA, M. NAKAOKA, "Family of saturable reactor assisted soft switching PWM DC-DC convertors", IEEE proceedings-B, 139(4):395-401, July 1992.
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Titre : S. HAMADA, M. NAKAOKA, Family of saturable reactor assisted soft switching PWM DC-DC convertors, IEEE proceedings-B, 139(4):395-401, July 1992.

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Auteur : S. HAMADA
Auteur : M. NAKAOKA

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Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU, le 28 mars 2002.
Source : IEEE proceedings-B
Volume : 139
Numéro : 4
Pages : 395 - 401
Date : July 1992

Indexing_term : DC-DC convertors

Abstract :
Abstract: A family of improved soft-switching
pulse width modulation DC-DC convertors
employing a saturable reactor assisted soft-
switching technique are presented. These conver-
tors use a small saturable reactor(s) to achieve
efficient soft switching, and have advantages such
as low switching and low conduction losses, wide
load range and constant frequency operation. A
steady-state analysis is illustrated for a forward/
flyback hybrid convertor belonging to the family,
and key experimental results are shown and dis-
cussed. The voltage conversion ratios and voltage/
current stresses for components in the family of
convertors are summarised.

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