M. CACCIARI, G.C. MONTANARI, "Optimum design of life tests for insulating materials, systems and components", 1991.
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Titre : M. CACCIARI, G.C. MONTANARI, Optimum design of life tests for insulating materials, systems and components, 1991.

Auteur : Cacciari, M.
Auteur : Montanari, G.C - Inst. di Elettrotecnica Ind., Bologna Univ., Italy

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : cacciari1.pdf - 12 pages, 800 Ko.
Source : Electrical Insulation, IEEE Transactions on [see also Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Transactions on]
Pages : 1112 - 1123
Date : Dec. 1991
Volume : 26
Issue : 6
ISSN : 0018-9367
References : 34
Accession_Number : 4108687

Abstract :
Criteria are presented for the optimization of test sets aiming
at the endurance characterization of insulating materials (but
valid also for systems and components). A procedure is suggested
which allows the life test to be performed economically for any
selected error level, using the inverse-power model and the
Weibull distribution function. The approach can be considered
generally valid for different life models and applied stresses
(single or multiple). A worked example is included, which permits
an evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed procedure.

Subject_terms :
life tests; insulating materials; test sets; endurance
characterization; error level; inverse-power model; Weibull
distribution function; insulation testing; life testing

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